The Seyyah brand was born from the union of more than 40 years of experience in the commercialization and diffusion of the culture of ancient and contemporary rugs, and from the expert hands of artisans interested in style and quality . Like all people even the kilim have something unique and different, and this is our inspiration. We create emotions, the creative freedom is what shapes our individuality.

The art of weaving the kilim is child of a noble and ancient tradition. The oldest evidence comes from Anatolia, where the production was spread throughout the Middle East, from Egypt to Iran, Central Asia, up to India and China. Unlike carpets, kilims are flat woven rugs and their small thickness intends them to different functions.

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Unique item

All the handmade kilim fabrics have different designs and they let every purchase be unique.

100% Original

Seyyah is the original brand which creates exclusive and quality products made of woven kilims.


Buy now easily and safely. Just by few simple steps you can get home your new bag.


All Seyyah products have a two-year warranty.

Our models

  • Kilim wallet
  • Kilim coin purse - Kese
  • Kilim poche - Bigkese
  • 40x40
  • Kilim cuschion - 50x50
  • Kilim messenger bag - Minibag
  • Kilim messenger bag - Konya
  • Kilim shopping bag - Efeso
  • Kilim handbag - Bauletto
  • Kilim shopping bag - Dans
  • Kilim shoulder bag - Hayal
  • Kilim backpack - Sibel
  • Kilim shoulder bag - Business
  • Kilim travel bag - Medium
  • Kilim travel bag - Large
  • Kilim trolley - Trolley