Fashion color, ready to dare?

Pure beauty

The kilim bags of Seyyah are all to collect: many models to choose, to show off on several occasions. trendy, stylish accessories, handcrafted design and high-quality items, made with quality materials and hand finished to the finest detail. The choice of colors and patterns is very wide, to suit all tastes, and given that all kilims fabrics have different designs from each other, cannot be two identical Seyyah kilim bags. Unique, delicious, comfortable and exotic, the Seyyah kilim bags have already won many people around the world, discover them yourself!

The models

  • Kilim messenger bag - Minibag
  • Kilim messenger bag - Konya
  • Kilim shopping bag - Efeso
  • Kilim handbag - Bauletto
  • Kilim shopping bag - Dans
  • Kilim shoulder bag - Hayal
  • Kilim backpack - Sibel
  • Kilim shoulder bag - Business