Seyyah sells on its website the goods of its collection.
Within th site the products are divided into four categories:

Luggage & Travel Bags

In each category there are links to the different models of products, within which you will find all the patterns available for the selected model. The choice of colors and patterns is very broad, to suit all tastes and needs. The Seyyah products are made through the use of original and hand-woven kilims, and as in all the woven kilim the patterns are different from each other, can not therefore be manufactured two kilims Seyyah products equal. Each product available online is a unique object, corresponding to the images provided, and once sold it will not be possible to have an identical one.
For any information you can contact Customer Service Seyyah (see the section Company info).
Color or other entity changes of the products, due to the use of different technologies for the acquisition and reproduction of images, may be possible. Seyyah is not responsible for these variations and deviations.